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 Gift Certificates are available at any time, either in house or online! We offer gift cards by amount, or by service! Give us a call to find out more! 

How to buy Gift Certificates
Go to
1.  Click on link called "Book appointment/Buy Giftcard"
2.  Go to "online store" tab on top right side
3.  Then choose Gift Card tab on top right side. (avoid the services tab, this will make a purchase to your account)
4. Chose either variable amount gift card. For variable amount gift certs you may select your $ amount and your type (i.e. birthday anniversary, generic, etc.) For deals, chose from those available and select the one you want.
        *Due to the specific tracking number per gift certificate, the website will not allow more than one gift card at a time.  We will have your purchase on file if have any trouble printing it.


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